Today’s reading: Matthew 7:7-11

In this passage Jesus says “you’ll find what you seek and get what you ask for.” The natural tendency is to think ‘well God doesn’t mean He’ll give us WHATEVER we ask for. To some extent that’s true and Jesus does give us a framework for what he means.

Addressing the parents in the crowd Jesus says “if your kid said he was hungry would you give him a rock to eat?” Jesus then explains that if we, who are far less good than God, know how to give good gifts to our kids, how much more does God know how to give good gifts?

This is a helpful way to understand things – if a kid wants something that’s bad for them a good parent won’t give in. But a really good parent wants to provide for not just their child’s needs, but their wants as well. A good parent won’t treat a kid to ice cream all the time ... but she might occasionally. A good parent both delights in his child’s happiness while also feeling the responsibility to help their child grow into a mature adult. Jesus says God is the same way with us.

A parent also doesn’t always expect the child to understand what’s best for him. A lot of times the parent has to say “trust me on this one, I’m trying to help you.” But a good parent DOES want their child to feel comfortable/loved enough to ask for everything.

This is why prayer – at its heart – isn’t complicated. We are young children asking our heavenly Dad for what we want and need, and knowing that regardless of the answer – yes, no, or wait – He loves us the same.

Now what: If God really is the PERFECT Father (far better than our own fathers), and if He really wants us to ask Him for what we want and need, then what do you want to ask for today. Don’t feel the need to be spiritual or for the request to be something big, just ask Him, knowing He loves that we trust Him enough TO ask.

This isn’t a formula – formulas are for math and business, not relationships – but it is a helpful way to organize our thoughts around who God really is.

Want More? Luke 18:1-14

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