Today’s reading: Genesis 1:1-5

On the surface, the first verses of the Bible don’t seem like a big deal. But think about what “in the beginning, God ...” means. It means that before anything else existed, God was already there. Before there was vegetation, or animals, or humans, or staff meetings, school plays, bills in the mail, or any of that other stuff ... there was God.

The point of this verse is that we aren’t the main players in the drama of existence. If all of our universe’s history was some epic play, then in the beginning, when the lights have gone dark and the crowd is sitting in quiet anticipation, the curtain rises and the only thing on stage is God – this is HIS story.

But it’s easy to forget that! Our lives are filled with to-do lists, past regrets, future worries, or just being busy busy busy that we forget how tiny our lifespan is. Someday we’ll be gone and what we did here will barely be remembered. This is because we’re not the lead character in the play. The existence of this world isn’t about us.

However, this verse also means that God wants us to KNOW Him. In the first sentence God is “I’m here!” He doesn’t want us wandering this earth blind to His existence, completely unaware of Him. We may not be the lead characters in the play, but we are absolutely loved. The God of the universe exists, and cares about YOU.

Now what: So today, spend some time thinking about the God who created this universe and who WANTS you to know Him.

Maybe you’ve never really talked with God – the good news is that He is ready and available to meet you where you’re at. Tell Him that you want to get to know Him more and ask Him to show Himself to you.

If you are stressed or overwhelmed, ask the God who created everything for help. If you need patience, peace, or anything else, ask Him! Also, let God know that you’re going to try – as best you can – to remember that this is HIS world and that you are living out HIS story.

Want more? Psalm 104

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