Today’s reading: Matthew 28:1-10

One of the things that makes Christianity unique is the claim that our “enlightened teacher” didn’t just die ... He rose again. In Islam, the prophet Mohammed eventually died. So did Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard, Mormonism’s Joseph Smith or the Buddha. Each of these men was seen as a wise guru whose spiritual teachings should be followed, but Christianity takes this one step farther.

If the end of the Christian story was Jesus’s death on a cross, being a Christian would mean following the teachings of Jesus in the same way a Buddhist follows the teachings of Buddha. Instead, Christianity says we follow a living Savior who conquered death. This means we are not following a set of rules, we’re living every day in relationship with a God who became human, defeated death, and now says (in Romans 8) that the same power that conquered the grave is at work in us! Think about that: the same power that brought Jesus back to life is available for you and me. Right now. In any situation!

Now what: Jesus died so we could be in relationship with God. If you’ve never done it before, talk to God and say something like this “God, I get that you became a human and died for me. I get that you paid the price for my sin. Thank you for doing that – if you love me that much, then from now on I want to live my life for you.” The Bible says that when you give your life to God, all of your sins – past, present and future – are paid for. Not only that, but you are able to be in right relationship with God, with no shame or guilt.

Want more? Philippians 2:5-11; John 3:16-17

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