Today’s reading: Genesis 3:8-12

God shows up in the garden and says “why are you so ashamed?” The awareness of Adam and Eve’s nakedness shows their self-consciousness. Where once they were able to be physical, emotional and relationally vulnerable before themselves and God, now there is shame.

And this shame leads to the very first husband/wife fight. God asks “why did you eat the fruit” and Adam says “well SHE’S the one that did it. It’s all her fault.” This is not Adam’s best moment. Not only was Adam passively sitting by watching Eve eat the fruit (it says Eve turns to Adam right after she eats it), but now he sells out his wife to God.

Remember the illustration of the kid who wandered too far away from his parent? Well now both Adam and Eve have wandered away from God, and out of their fear and uncertainty they’re fighting each other. We live in fear of being seen as naked so we make a co-worker look bad, snap at our spouse for no good reason, gossip about our roommate, criticize our kids when they remind us too much of ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why families seem to produce the most hurt? It’s because by turning away from God, we’ve lost our ability to love each other well.

Now what: Is there someone in your life who is IMPOSSIBLE to love/is driving you crazy? Pray for that person today. Ask God to give you patience and to help you see that person the way He does. There’s a good chance that person is living in a lot of fear/shame – pray that this person would experience God’s love in a way that would free them from that.

Have you wronged someone else and not dealt with it? Ask God for forgiveness first and then – if appropriate – ask that person for forgiveness too.
The love we WANT to have for others comes only from God. Ask to experience God’s love today so that you can pass it on to others.

Want more? Matthew 18:21-35

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