Today’s reading: Genesis 1:26-27

You are created in the image of God

Think about that.

[fill in your name here] are created in God’s image. You. Do you see yourself that way?

Think of the most beautiful thing you’ve seen in nature: rolling hills covered in a blanket of autumn leaves, the sun peaking over the ocean’s horizon at dawn, a peaceful river at sunset. Think of the eye-popping pictures we’ve seen of the earth from space, or of entire galaxies. None of those objects can say they were created in the image of God. Only you can do that.

This means your value as a human doesn’t come from how attractive, smart, ambitious, or successful you are. It means no other person can add or subtract one bit from your importance. You are created Imago Dei – in the image of God. Because of this, you matter. You are significant. You are created for a purpose.

It also means this purpose can only be found in God. The longer we live the more we realize our goals – to get that promotion, marry that person, move into that house – don’t satisfy us like we thought. The reason is that we are made to be satisfied by God, and God only. Since we’re created in His image, He’s the only one big enough to fulfill us.

Now what: Do you believe that you matter? Do you struggle with insecurity, fear or loneliness? Talk to God about that and ask to see yourself the way HE sees you. Read the extra passages below and realize this is what God’s saying to you.

Do you spend most of your time seeking validation through the approval, promotions, and compliments of people around you? In your conversation with God today, tell Him that you want to live only for HIS approval today.

If God created you in His image, it means He wants to spend time with you. Spend a few minutes talking to Him about whatever is on your mind today.

Want more? Psalm 8; Ephesians 3:14-19

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