Today’s reading: John 14:15-18 & 16:12-15

The common theme in these passages is that even though Jesus is about to leave (which we saw him do yesterday), His followers won’t be left alone. The idea here is that even though Jesus isn’t physically, tangibly with us, His presence – known as the Holy Spirit – now lives in us. And not only does He lives IN those who are followers of Jesus, He “guides us into truth.”

Over the next couple days we’ll talk more about how this works, but for today let’s just rest in this thought: God’s presence lives in anyone who is a follower of Jesus. This means that wherever we go we are never alone. God is not just with us in the sense that He’s everywhere, but He literally dwells with us, inside of us.

This means that as we interact with God, we experience and understand Him in three different ways: He is God our Father, who rules over all things. Jesus, who became human and died for us and now lives in heaven. And the Holy Spirit, the active presence of God who lives inside of us. God is simultaneously one God, and yet three at the same time (if that makes your brain shut down trying to process it, that’s okay. If God created space, time, and quantum physics, it makes sense there’d be things about Him we can’t fully understand).

To know God is to know Him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is what’s known as “The Trinity.”

Now what: When praying, have you ever thought that God’s Spirit dwells inside of you? As you pray for your day, your family, friends, or whatever concerns you have, be aware that you are praying to the Spirit of God inside of you!

Check out the verses below – how do they help you think differently about prayer? Pay specific attention to Rom. 8:26. Think about this verse, and what it could mean, throughout your day today.

Want more? Romans 8:15-16; Romans 8:26

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