Today’s reading: Genesis 1:28-30

The entire first chapter of Genesis explains the purpose of things. God creates the stars and animals and oceans and gives them a job. So what’s the job of humans? To rule over all of it. God has given us this world and said “here, you’re in charge of this.” Keep in mind this is the same world that God just created and called “good.”

This means everything we have belongs to Him and He cares about it – not just the physical earth, but all the stuff we’ve made from it. Everything we have is a gift signed “from God to your name” - our job, families, possessions ... our money. All of it is a gift from God and He’s telling us “use this well – rule over it responsibly.” Unfortunately our possessions tend to rule us instead: we stress over paying off things we own, we constantly chase after the next big purchase, we become addicted to a bigger bank account, or the things we buy with that bank account.

How would your view of life change if you realized every possession you own is a gift from God? We tend to think “how much of my stuff should I give to God” but a more accurate question is “how much of God’s stuff should I keep?

Now what: Do you feel “ruled” by your possessions? What would it take to be free of that? Spend time talking to God and surrendering those possessions to Him.

God has given us everything – what’s one thing this week you could give back to Him? It could be your money, possessions, time, or relationships. What’s one area of your life you want to give to God and say “I want to use this for You?” Ask God to help you know how to do that.

Make a list of all the blessings you have in life (your health, finances, family, gifts ... just being born in this country is a huge blessing!). Thank God for the good gifts He’s given you.

Want more? Luke 19:1-10 (notice how Zacchaeus responds to Jesus’s acceptance) Romans 12:1-2

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