Today’s reading: Mark 12:28-34

Take a look at how thick your Bible is (seriously, take a quick glance) ...
That’s hundreds of pages of small-font text detailing God’s long quest to undo the curse of Adam and Eve and our sin. It’s full of histories and details and stories and rules.

And according to today’s reading, it all boils down to this: love God, love others. That’s it. The end.

Sure there are other details worth talking about, but those two commands are enough to keep us busy for the rest of our lifetimes. To love God is to say “Jesus, wherever you want to take me I’ll go.” To love others is to interact with others in a way that says “your needs, desires and dreams are just as important as mine.”

To live out both of these is near impossible. People are annoying. Our energy runs low, and God sometimes seems far away, and there’s distractionsdistractionsdistractions. But if you want to know “how am I doing at this whole ‘Christian’ thing” then take a step back and ask “am I growing in my relationship with Jesus, and out of that am I learning to love others more?”

This is it. If every day of our lives we move incrementally closer to these two things, then at the end of our life we’ll stand before God and He’ll say “well done! You lived your life exactly how I wanted you too!”

Now what: Tell God you want to learn how to love Him more. Acknowledge the things that make that hard and ask for His help.

Who in your life could use extra love today? Spend time praying for that person, and throughout your day look for ways to model God’s love to them.

Want More? Philippians 2:1-11*

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