Today’s reading: Genesis 3:6-11

The saddest part of this story is the implication that it was normal for God to “walk about in the garden.” What the author is trying to convey here is that – up to this point – there was no obstacle between God and humanity. Adam and Eve could interact with Him in a relational, intimate, real way. But the moment Adam and Eve disobey God something enters this world that was never intended to be – shame.

Have you ever seen a child who is confident, comfortable, and adventurous ... until they wander too far from their parent? In the orbit of their mom or dad there’s confidence, but when they realize mom and dad are too far away, insecurity sets in. The safety net is gone. This is exactly what happened to us.

All of us, every single human from Adam and Eve on, has chosen to do things our way instead of God’s. Like a rebellious teenager we’ve walked away from God and said “I’m doing this on my own.” But we can’t, and we know it, and so we live our lives ashamed. Like Adam and Eve we hide in embarrassment from God.

Now what: Do you have shame in your life – either between you and God or you and others? Be honest with God about that. For reasons we’ll cover soon, God has made it so we can talk with Him and not be ashamed.

Also, who are three people in your life that you could be praying for today. What needs do they have in their lives? Ask God to show up in their lives and do amazing things. Be open to God prompting YOU to help these people in some way. He may or may not, just be open to the idea.

Want more? Psalm 139:1-18

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