Today’s reading: John 16:12-15

We’ve read this passage before, but there’s something Jesus said that’s worth looking at: “When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.”

This is one of those times where it’s tempting to rush past that statement or dumb it down: but what if Jesus really meant this? Jesus says it’s a good thing He leaves the disciples (which is a crazy statement itself!) because when the Holy Spirit arrives He’ll live inside them and constantly guide them.

This is true for us too. Because God’s Spirit lives inside us we can go through our day knowing that He’s guiding our decisions, choices, and conflicts. The more open we are to listening, the more we hear God speak.

Like most things in life, this is a habit we build over time: it’s like one of those old radios, where you have to turn the knob millimeters at a time to connect with the radio signal. In the same way we have to learn to calibrate our souls to hear God speaking. And just like when a radio signal gets fuzzy because it’s competing with other signals, God’s voice inside of us gets easily drowned out by the noise in our life.

But the comforting thing to know is this: in the craziness of our life God is speaking ... and He wants us to hear.

*Now what:*One of the best ways to practice hearing God’s voice is to get in complete silence. For some people this is near impossible, but try to find a place where you can get 10 minutes of completely uninterrupted stillness (or as close as you can get). Spend 3-5 minutes slowing down, silencing your mind, letting your heart rate relax. Then, as you feel yourself getting still start talking to God about whatever is on your mind. Don’t expect any huge revelations – this is just a way of centering in that radio dial so you can hear God throughout your day.

Want more? Psalm 25:1-10

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