Today’s reading: Acts 1:6-9

Jesus has ascended into heaven and the disciples are standing still with their necks craned toward the sky, wondering when Jesus would come back down. They stand there so long that some angels have to show up and say “what are you standing around for. Go do what Jesus just told you!”

Right before this, Jesus had said “you’re going to go into the world and tell them all about me.” This is the mission of anyone who is a follower of Jesus – that in how we live our lives, do our work, love our neighbors, and serve our God we show other people who Jesus is.

We do this because, as the the angels told the disciples, Jesus is coming back again one day. There will come a time when this chapter of the story – the one humanity’s been part of since Adam and Eve sinned – will end. Our job as followers of Jesus is to tell everyone “there’s this guy named Jesus, and because of Him my life has changed.” The Bible says that Jesus is now sitting at God’s “right hand” (the seat of power). It also says anyone who has chosen to be a follower of Jesus is an adopted son and daughter of God and that we can come before Him at any time.

This is the message then that we tell the rest of the world: through Jesus’s death and resurrection, you can be an adopted child of God! And like the disciples, it’s time for us to go!

Now what: Who are some people you know who need to hear the message of Jesus? Start praying for them today. Ask God to show them His love and kindness, and to use you to be a part of that.

Want more? John 14:1-14; Colossians 3:1-4

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