Today’s reading: Genesis 3:13-15

Yesterday’s devotional ended in a dark place – Adam and Eve and all of humanity had sinned, and there was nothing we could do to make it right. But there is hope, and it’s found in today’s reading ....

The snake, you might remember, is evil personified. Satan. The Accuser. And at this point in the story he’s reveling at successfully driving a wedge but humans and God. Then God humiliates him, saying from now on he will crawl, groveling in the dust – the ultimate sign of submission. God follows this up with a very cryptic, confusing statement: sometime in the future there will be a war between the woman’s offspring (the literal word is seed) and Satan’s offspring. Satan’s offspring will bite the heal of the woman’s seed, but He will crush Satan’s head.

This statement isn’t just for Satan to hear, it’s for Adam and Eve and us too. God is saying “Eve, one day you’re going to bear a son and this son is going to destroy this snake, this deceiver, once and for all.” This is the first hint we get in the Bible that God has a plan to make our rebellion right – that the problem of evil is going to be dealt with.

What this plan IS comes later – it’s a mystery to Adam and Eve at the moment. After they leave the garden Adam and Eve have two sons named Cain and Abel, but the brokenness of humanity runs deep, and Cain kills Abel out of jealousy. Heartbroken and longing for the deliverer who will make things right, Adam and Eve have a third son and name him Seth – or in the original Hebrew, “seed.” Adam and Eve are hoping that somehow God will use this child to make things right again.

Now what: Is there an area in your life so broken it seems impossible to fix? Maybe it’s a shattered relationship, a past mistake, or a financial concern. Wherever the brokenness runs deepest in your life, talk to God about that area. Ask Him to help you believe that, even if you can’t see how, He has a plan to fix it.

The core message of the Bible is one of hope – to be a follower of God is to be a believer that God is bigger than the worst this world has to offer. Ask God to help you show that hope to others: at work, school, with your kids, or even with strangers.

Want more? Psalm 27; Romans 5:12-21

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