Today’s reading: Revelation 21:1-7

A few days ago we learned that Jesus ascended to heaven but said “I’m coming back soon.” Today’s passage is what “Jesus coming back looks like.”

A few weeks ago we learned that our rebellion against God – our sin – messed up our relationship not only with Him, but with others and the earth itself as well. When Jesus comes back someday he’s going to undo all of that.

In v. 1 it says “there’s no more sea” - when this book was written the sea was a symbol of chaos and superstition. It was a place where evil spirits dwelled and nature combined to take down even the best sailors. It was, in short, a symbol of a world gone wrong. When the Bible says “there will be no sea” it means there will be no chaos and unpredictability. God will make this earth into a “new earth” and it will work how He always intended.

Not only that, on that day we will stand in the presence of God – no more feeling distant and separated from Him. No more being kicked out of the garden. God Himself will wipe away our tears, and there won’t be any death or sorrow or pain to bring them back.

What does this mean for us now? It means this life isn’t all their is. It means there’s hope in the middle of every pain. Good wins. Evil loses.

It means that one day Jesus is coming back and everything will be set right. He will undo the curse, stand before creation and say “I’m making EVERYTHING new.”

And then the best part of the story will begin ...

Now what: One day we will see Jesus face to face. As you talk to Him about heaven, hope, or just making it through today imagine the moment when you’ll actually get to see Him.

Want More? Revelation 21:22-27

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