Today’s reading: Genesis 3:1-5

Have you noticed that every good story has both a hero and a villain? It’s the only way a narrative can work – the hero is striving to get the girl/the gold/his freedom but there’s a roadblock in the way. A story that doesn’t have a good antagonist isn’t believable and audiences don’t respond to it – something deep inside us knows ALL stories, to be relevant to our life, involve conflict against an enemy. Today’s Bible reading tells us why we’re that way.

Genesis 3 calls this enemy “the serpent” but the rest of the Bible tells us a little more. His name is “Satan” which literally means “the accuser.” We’re told that he was an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. We’re also told that he is like “a roaring lion” and that he prowls this earth trying to unleash hell.

Satan only has one goal – to separate us from God. Notice what he does in those verses – he comes and questions God’s command. He tells Eve “God doesn’t know what He’s talking about. He’s holding out on you. He doesn’t want you to be happy.”

Have you ever felt like following God means giving up something that makes you happy? Do you ever find yourself thinking that God is mean/uncaring/uninterested? Are there moments when you’re tempted to do something you know as wrong and think “God doesn’t really care THAT much about this.”

This is all the influence of “the accuser.” He’s the antagonist in our story, and each day we’re battling him.

Now what: Do you find yourself struggling to trust God? Spend time talking with Him about that. He already knows you feel that way so just be honest! One of the most honest prayers we can pray is “God I want to believe – help me with my unbelief.”

Do you feel like your life is a war zone right now? Like life is a living hell and God is a million miles away? Admit how much your struggling, and ask Him for help.

Spend time talking with God about whatever else is on your mind – don’t worry about how “spiritual” it is. Know that God is interested in you – He LIKES you. Talk to Him assuming that is true.

Want more? Ephesians 6:10-17

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