Today’s reading: Genesis 1:3-12

“Don’t run around in here, this is the LORD’S HOUSE!”
If you grew up in church as a child there’s a good chance you heard this at least once. Running in church was disrespectful for some reason. Apparently God doesn’t like speed.

To be fair, the intentions behind this were probably good – people who say these things genuinely want to honor God. However they also make us think that the church is this sacred, holy space and – more importantly – the rest of the world is not!

Today’s Bible reading tells a different story. On the surface it seems simple: God is creating all the different parts of human existence – the earth, the stars in the sky, oceans and animals and everything else. But the point of this passage is that God creates them and declares them “good.” He declares them to be important, significant, MEANINGFUL to Him. In other words, God is interested in more than just the “holy” places. He’s interested in everything! Or to say it even better “EVERYTHING is meant to be holy.”

Do you think of God as being interested in ALL of your life, or just the “spiritual” stuff? Is being religious a one-day-a-week thing? What if God is interested in every single part of who you are? And what if His plan is for all of your life to be “good” - to be the best possible version it can be?

Now what: Spend some time talking to God, inviting Him in to every part of your day. Are you struggling with a co-worker, or a family problem? Maybe it’s stress about the future or pain from the past. Invite God into your worries and ask for His help.

Sometimes we keep God out of areas of our life because we’re either ashamed, or we want to do things our way. Would you be willing to invite God in to the messy areas of your life? If so, spend a couple minutes telling Him that, as best as you know how, you’re inviting Him in to ALL of your life.

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