Today’s reading: 1 John 3:16-24

God says He wants to speak to us through His word, so before you read any further today stop and ask God to speak to you. If there are any problems, obstacles or emotions that will make hearing from God tough, talk to Him about it and ask for His help!

Once you’ve done that, open your Bible to the passage below. Read it all the way through once. After that, read it through again and underline one sentence or thought that stands out to you. Once you’ve done that, read it one more time and circle one word that resonates.

Now what: Why does that one sentence or thought stand out to you? What does it say that you need or want? However that thought affected you, talk with God about it. The Bible is His message to you, so let that thought be a conversation starter.

Why did you circle that word? Is it something you need from God? Ask for it. Is it something you wish you were? Ask God to bring that out in you?

However you respond, let the Bible be a way of turning your heart toward Him.

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